PC and Xbox 360 players battle in new Take-Two MMO

  • Los Angeles (CA) – PC and Xbox 360 gamers have typically stayed on their respective platforms, but an upcoming MMO game from Take-Two Interactive promises to change all that.  he future of entertainment lies in crossover titles that join gaming platforms together. If there was any doubt, take a look at latest title from developers of well-known City of Heroes/City of Villains MMO series.

    For the past year Cryptic Studios has been working on a title based on a 27-year old pencil and paper game called "Champions".  The team opted for a well-known franchise because the gaming system and world is already developed and now the company just needs to translates this into the electronic world – admittedly not exactly a simple task these days.

    As we stated at the beginning of the article, Champions Online will come to the PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Cryptic employees were vague on how will they actually connect Xbox 360 gamers and enable interaction with PC ones, but the goal is to provide seamless experience for both camps at the same time. Somehow we feel that the only way to play this together will be through voice commands, rather than typing on a keyboard.

    We saw the pre-alpha version of the game, which two engineers played using Xbox 360 controllers on PC to move around. The game itself is based on cell-based rendering, meaning characters are even more cartoonish than in the company’s previous City of Heroes/Villians franchises.

    Level cap is currently set at 50, and majority of content is geared to solve quests through dozens of mini-bosses.   The good thing about the game is the fact that script is being written by well-known script writer of Tech Jansen series over at The Colbert Report (Comedy Central). Comic influences abound in this game as the team showed us how kill the dastardly villain ASCII Oakley.

    When it comes to graphics, expect City of Heroes done comic-book style. This is very good move by the developer, since cel-shaded rendering will enable gamers to play even if their hardware is not the best kind. I will never forget playing Ubisoft’s XIII game for the first time on a machine from 2000 - the game worked well just like on latest machine from end of 2003, which was a major surprise.

    If all things go well, the game will be released in middle of 2009, just in time to avoid the summer drought.