Nintendo draws first blood at E3

  • Los Angeles (CA) – E3 has always been the venue of dueling press conferences and announcements and Nintendo has drawn first blood.  While reporters were waiting to enter the Microsoft press conference, Nintendo announced that it will be releasing an accessory for their Wiimote controller that will enhance its tracking and sensitivity.

    The Wii MotionPlus is an extra cap to the included Wii system controller that according to Nintendo will add “more comprehensive tracking of arm and orientation.  It will also allow more intricate wrist movements.  Anyone who havs played with the Wii knows the controller can sense big swings and chops – like in the sports and Zelda games – but small movements aren’t usually registered.

    The MotionPlus accessory adds to an ever growing collection of controller accessories for the WiiMote controller.  So far several companies, including Nintendo, have released extras like guns, swords and even crossbows.  Fortunately, most of these are merely shells for the controller and are fairly inexpensive.

    Nintendo hasn’t released details about pricing and availability, but the company promises more details at tomorrows press conference.

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