July 2 PS3 firmware update to deliver in-game XMB, trophies

  • Sony is currently preparing the release of its Playstation 3 firmware update 2.40, which the company claims will bring the most requested feature to the game console – an in-game Cross Media Bar (XMB). According to Sony, the in-game XMB will allow gamers to access the XMB while playing a game, check or send messages to friends or switch to another game (which will shut down the first game.)

    Sony will also introduce its “Trophy” system as a new community feature. Players can store awarded trophies and prizes within the PS3’s main menu and compare their achievements with the achievements of their friends. The company hopes that this feature will help users to build a much richer profile.

    The update will be available on June 2. Walkthroughs of the features have been posted by Sony on the Playstation blog.