Age of Conan set for fast expansion

  • Following a promising launch, the developer of the Age of Conan game said that it will begin producing additional content to enhance the game experience.

    It is no secret that the game map of Age of Conan covers an area that is substantially larger than currently available area of play, and Funcom promises to unlock the entire world throughout this summer and beyond. The game will be expanded with several new areas and already existing ones will get new content – a brand new dungeon in Aquilonia, a redesign of three dungeons in Stygia and a complete mountain range in Cimmeria. A new batch of 60 new quests promises to provide hours of gameplay.

    There will also be player villages that will go hand in hand with the upcoming Battlekeep setting in the game. Existing player-created areas will be expanded with systems to run the village.

    In a press release Funcom stated that "numerous expansive additions are yet to come."  Eidos and FunCom announced several new add-ons, such as the introduction of a PvP Evolved – to the death mode. The to-the-death brings more ranks and rewards to the PvP setting and introduces a Fugitive system which is a controlling method for high-level gamers that are killing lower level players. Ten additional PvP levels will be introduced later this month.

    The second evolution is called Guild Alliance Warfare, codenamed Kingship. Guild Alliance Warfare is a massive update that is on track for release later this year, which will allow players in guilds to join alliances. Powerpoints is also scheduled for a fall 2008 release date: Players can accumulate points by owning a Battlekeep, playing the end-game at level 80, winning PvP duels, or just by being an active guild member. Powerpoints can be used to acquire powerfeats, weapons, armors and potions.

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