Digital Playground starts shooting adult movies in 12 megapixels

  • Now that the HD DVD – Blu-ray battle is sorted out, the nation’s largest adult film studios has upgraded its film cameras with the 12 megapixel Red One. If you thought 1080p movies show great detail, wait for 4K movies that, according to Digital Playground, deliver a “grain-less 35 mm film or a 65 mm film”.

    The Red One camera, which TG Daily detailed in a previous article, has a 12 megapixel image sensor (4900 x 2580 pixels), shooting pictures in a resolution of 4580 x 2540 pixels. Output formats are either 4K (full resolution), 3K or 2K. The maximum delivered is four times higher than what today’s high-end HD cameras can offer, according to Digital Playground. The company said that the quality achieved with the Red One camera enables it “to match the quality productions of mainstream entertainment studios.”

    "Red cameras are the best available equipment on the market. The resulting images are like a grain-less 35 mm film or a 65 mm film. Fans will actually lose themselves in the clarity of our new movies,” Digital Playground founder Joone said.

    Digital Playground said it has already used Red One cameras in ten movie productions.