ID Software jumps from sinking ESA ship

  • Los Angeles (CA) – ID Software, the makers of legendary games like Doom and Castle Wolfenstein, has declined to renew its membership in the Entertainment Software Association.  This adds to a long list of big-name game studios like Activision/Vivendi (which includes Blizzard Entertainment) and LucasArts that have also cancelled their memberships from the troubled video game group.  

    ID Software, which recently announced Doom 4, hasn’t given an official statement as to why it left the ESA.  On the ESA side, Rich Taylor, senior VP of communications and research, confirmed ID’s departure and told Kotaku that he “respects their decision”.

    The ESA serves as a lobbying group for the video game industry and also runs the E3 Media & Business Summit – which is the ressurected E3 Expo.  By all accounts, the invitation-only summit will proceed on schedule on July 15th to 17th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  In fact, the ESA recently announced that Texas Governor Rick Perry will be the keynote speaker and that the association expects to hit 4000 attendees.

    Interestingly enough, a few weeks ago id Software said that it would still be attending the Summit. So we’ll have to wait for official word as to whether this departure from the ESA will affect that attendance.  Activision/Vivendi announced earlier this month that it would not attend the E3 Summit.  Instead it will hold its own editors day which will happen in nearby Santa Monica at the same time as E3.