GTA IV voice actor complains about being paid peanuts

  • New York (NY) – You may not recognize his face, but millions of people will recognize his voice from the best-selling video game Grand Theft Auto IV.  Aspiring actor Michael Hollick’s voice and walk was used to model Niko Belic, the car-jacking main character of the game.  For Hollick, this was a big step up from his days as a bartender, bagel shop employee and perfume hawker, but he now complains that he should have received much more.

    Hollick was paid approximately $100,000 over 15 months or $1050 per day of work.  Unlike actors in big-screen movies, he received no residuals from the more than $600 million that the game has raked in so far.  But Hollick doesn’t blame Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive; instead the blame should be placed on the Screen Actors Guild which currently has no residuals agreement with the video game industry.

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