New Yorkers first to get their hands on Nintendo’s Wii Fit

  • Redmond (WA) – Nintendo today officially launched its Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit application, which transform the game console into a virtual wellness center. Wii Fit launches today in New York and will be introduced countrywide on Wednesday.

    In contrast to the traditional handheld controller, the Wii Balance Board requires body movements such as weight shifts to control a game. Nintendo’s launch application is Wii Fit, which comes with about 40 activities that challenge a user in areas like yoga, aerobics, strength training and balance.

    The applications included focus on a user’s estimated body mass index (BMI) and promise improvement over time with exercises such as a virtual Hula Hoop, shredding on a virtual snowboard, performing leg extensions or doing a downward-facing dog yoga pose. The BMI is tracked through virtual characters, called “Mii characters”, which reflect the fitness levels of users.

    Nintendo said that more than two million Wii Fit packages have been sold in Japan already.

    We have our doubts that Wii Fit will be able to substitute your daily workout at a wellness center, but if you have a hard time squeezing a workout into your daily schedule or if you simply don’t like the openness of such a facility, Wii Fit may be an interesting application.

    Even if Wii Fit may not be taken seriously by fitness enthusiasts, we have to give Nintendo props for coming up with the Wii Balance Board as they make sense as a natural addition to the game console. And, the Wii Fit application truly is a refreshing “game” among the current lineup of video games.      

    The Wii Fit and Balance Board are sold in one package for $90.

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