Update - Wii dominates April sales despite GTA IV

  • Port Washington (NY) - The latest numbers from industry watch group NPD are in, and they show a commanding lead for Wii hardware sales despite some predictions that GTA IV would move the PS3 and Xbox 360 close to Nintendo's consistently high territory.

    According to NPD, 714,000 Wii units were sold during April.  That is almost double the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined, which came in with 187,100 and 188,000 units, respectively.

    Month-by-month console sales

    These numbers also debunk another prediction, which was that the PS3 would beat out the Xbox 360.  The month was, however, the closest that the two have been in terms of unit sales.

    Lifetime-to-date console sales

    Although Grand Theft Auto broke the record for highest revenues on a new entertainment release, it was not the entire story last month thanks to Nintendo's release of Mario Kart Wii.

    Breakdown of top 10 games by platform

    GTA IV was the solidified king of April, at least for the Xbox 360.  In the US, the 360 version sold 1.85 million copies, while the PS3 version hit right around one million copies.  Sandwiched between those was Mario Kart Wii, which reached 1.12 million copies.  This is the first time that three games have sold over one million copies in the same month in the US, at least since the Wii and PS3 were launched in November 2006.