Atari to rival Wii Fit with foot-powered controller

  • New York (NY) - Video game publisher Atari has announced that it will release a new Wii game called "Family Trainer," a title that will encourage users to get up and be active in "wildly entertaining activities."

    However, unlike other similar games that have been announced, Atari will package its own version of Nintendo's "Balance Board" controller.

    Players will need to use their hands, with the Wii Remote, and their feet, with the Family Trainer "mat controller," to compete in over a dozen mini-games.  These include log jumping, skipping rope and water rafting.

    "Unlike other games for the Wii which only focus on the arms, Family Trainer gets the feet involved too for total body gameplay. Simple controls and intuitive play make the game easy to just pick up and play, and let players of any age get involved, get physical and have maximum fun," said Atari in a press release.

    The game will be playable for multiple users at once, and they can track their activity progress, similar to Wii Fit.

    Family Trainer is set for release this September.