New Congressional bill to require ID for all MATURE-rated video games

  • Washington DC – With Grand Theft Auto 4 selling like hotcakes and making over $500 million in the first week, a Republican and Democrat have introduced a bill that would make it a bit harder for teenagers to buy mature games.  Republican Representative Lee Terry from Nebraska and Democrat Representative Jim Matheson from Utah introduced the Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act which would require retailers to check IDs and not selling ‘Mature’ or ‘Adults Only’-rated games to anyone under 18-years-old.

    “Too many children are spending too much time playing inappropriate video games that most parents would find shocking and objectionable,” said Matheson.  He adds that parents can’t monitor their kids all the time and that they need “common sense rules” to help.

    The bill would impose a $5000 fine for retailers per violation, but the constitutionality of such a law would most certainly be immediately challenged.  Other states have enacted similar laws, but those have been quickly struck down by the courts.

    Rep. Terry claims that many kids are simply walking into stores and buying these “shocking and troublesome” games “without their parents even knowing about it.”

    You know with all these new bills and public outcry over mature games, I bet Grand Theft Auto 5 will probably be an even bigger hit than GTA 4.