Sony's Playstation 3 Home delayed again

  • Foster City (CA) - When and if Sony finally releases its online world "Home" for the Playstation 3, many gamers will likely still be resentful over the countless delays they have endured.

    The software has now been scheduled for the "end of the year," a slightly less optimistic outlook than the previously announced release window of autumn 2008.

    At a Playstation event today in Europe, the president of Sony's game division today said that Home would not be released until he is satisfied with it.

    The ambitious online project, which Sony hopes will energize the PS3 and create a new wave of excitement, has been pushed back multiple times since it was revealed at the 2007 Game Developers Conference.  Back then it had been scheduled for release in the fall of that year.

    Now it looks like it will be more than a year after that before users actually get their hands on it.