Wii's "Nintendo Channel" open for business

Posted by Mark Raby

Redmond (WA) - Nintendo today released a firmware update for its Wii video game console, adding a new feature to the main menu that allows gamers to access game trailers and demos.

After downloading the update, users can find the "Nintendo Channel" in the Wii Shop Channel, available as a free download.

The Nintendo Channel will make the Wii's digital download offerings more in line with its competitors in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The new service allows users to download game videos, including trailers and TV commercials, as well as demos that can be downloaded to the Nintendo DS.  Additionally, it will contain news and information about the latest Wii and DS games.

Other features of the Nintendo Channel include a "game recommendations" service that allows users to rate and see ratings of Wii games.  Every title on the channel also has a link directly to an online store that will transfer users to the Internet Channel, where users can purchase the game.