Wii, PS2 to get Rock Band "downloadable" content

  • Los Angeles (CA) - When Rock Band was announced for the Playstation 2 and subsequently the Wii, one of the most obvious question was, "What about the additional downloadable tracks?"

    Because neither the PS2 or Wii has the infrastructure to allow publishers to release downloadable content, it was widely assumed that the song list for those versions would remain static.

    However, the game's developer Harmonix announced this week that it will in fact release new music tracks for the two consoles.  It will put out a compilation of the songs already released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on special expansion discs.

    Rock Band has become the hallmark example of a game where downloadable content really works. In March, Harmonix announced that over six million tracks had been downloaded for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

    The "Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1" will include 20 different tracks and will be released on July 15, the same day the Wii version comes out.