Germans launch ultimate Porsche 911 Turbo game steering wheel

  • Landshut (Germany) - If you are a fan of the famous German sports car brand, or dream of driving a "Porscha", this one may be for you. Endor is bringing a Porsche 911 Turbo gaming steering wheel to the market.

    This piece of machinery is based on the original Porsche 911 Turbo design, so you are essentially getting a 1:1 size wheel from a $125.000 car. The company manufactured this wheel using the same procedure as Porsche and hand stitched leather. The device supports 180-900 degree turning angles and the software can configure it in single-degree increments. Built-in Force Feedback is stronger that you've could encounter on Thrustmaster/Logitech products, so you'll definitely feel how to work the car out.

    With the steering wheel you get two removable gearshifts. One supports both 6+1 "H" and sequential movements, while the second version is a sequential gearbox only. The gearboxes of course, are designed to be in the same shape as in the legendary 911.
    Additionally, the device includes wireless shifter paddles that avoid cable clutter as well as a base with clutch, brake and power pedals, all reflecting the design in the Porsche Turbo. Just like the steering wheel, the clutch, brake and acceleration are claimed to emulate the Porsche's behavior. Configurations can be saved on a Fanatec 1 GB USB drive.

    A small downside is the Porsche logo on the wheel itself. While it is nice to see the logo, it does not use an aluminum plate, but plastic instead.

    All that, of course, comes at a price. $349 is a bit steep and we feel that price should actually less plastic. Somewhat we feel that the Logitech G25 is still the steering wheel to go with, but we'll refrain from any judgements before we see this thing in real world.

    Supported platforms are PC and the PlayStation 3. Of course this device has GRID and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue written all over it - and any game that features Porsche cars. TechPowerUp has posted a first review of the wheel.