UPDATE: License clash between Sony and Formula 1 Boss means no F1 games

  • Zagreb (Croatia) – Formula 1 isn’t exactly as popular as Nascar or Indy cars, but there is no denying that it is the premier motorsport event around the globe and it looks like Sony won’t be publishing any more Formula 1 game titles for no: Apparently, the gap between what Sony is willing to pay for a license and what Bernie Ecclestone’s company is demanding is too wide.   

    We are somewhat familiar with this scenario, as something similar happened back in 2002. Back then, Sony Computer Entertainment ended up agreeing to pay a rumored $200 million for a 2003-2007 license to the licensing body of Formula 1. In the end, the sum turned out to be closer to $75 million, or $15 million per year.

    Formula 1 is now asking for a hefty increase, we hear, and as of now, Sony isn’t willing to agree. While there has been no announcement so far, industry sources told us that EA, Ubisoft and Codemasters may be in the running for the license of a new five-year contract. If one of those guys will acquire the license, the good news is that a Formula 1 game will be coming to all major platforms, including the PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and, of course, current platforms (Playstation 2, 3, PSP).  

    More platforms would not be a bad thing since, after all, Formula 1 Grand Prix has been a decent game, even if we believe that the graphics are well behind what the horsepower of Playstation 3 can offer.

    UPDATE: With first practice for Turkish GP, Formula One organization announced that it granted exclusive license rights to Codemasters. More details in a story from our Mark Raby .