Wii Fit moves at 90 copies per minute in UK

  • London (England) - Wii Fit was released in Europe over the weekend, and British retailer Woolworths says it immediately began "flying off the shelves."

    According to the store chain, the game has been selling better at its launch than the Wii console itself did when it came out there last year.

    Gaming site Spong quotes Woolworths games trading manager Gerry Berkley as saying, "For a game not targeted at gamers to sell in numbers like this is unheard of and is genuinely changing the market."

    The unique video game, which was unveiled at last year's E3 conference, turns the Wii into a virtual workout platform. Its big draw is the Balance Board controller, a platform that senses movement in the user's feet.

    When Wii Fit was released in Japan it gained the designation of being the fastest-selling Wii title, reaching the milestone of one million copies sold in less than a month, although that record was quickly broken when Super Smash Bros Brawl came out.

    That level of excitement seems to have carried to Europe.  Berkley said that he expects Wii Fit to "definitely smash its targets and in terms of volume and speed of sale it is even bigger than the launch of the Wii itself."  According to British media reports, the game is sold out at stores across the UK.

    In an unconventional move for Nintendo, the US version of Wii Fit is the last in its global rollout schedule.  The Japanese version was released first, last December.  In Europe it came out on Friday, but the US will be waiting until May 21.

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