Midway may become part of Viacom

  • London (England) - Media conglomerate Viacom may soon add Midway to its portfolio, according to an interview with England trade magazine MCV.

    The CEO of Midway Matt Booty told the publication that the company "strategically fits with Viacom’s overall future plans."

    Viacom, which owns MTV Networks and Paramount Pictures, has expressed increasing interest in the video game market.  "Midway is a strong entity for [Viacom executives] and it strategically fits in with their overall plan," said Booty.

    One of Midway's most revered properties is Unreal Tournament.  It it also a large publisher of movie-based video games.  

    Another Midway executive, VP Martin Spiess, told MCV, "I can’t reveal details, but we’re currently considering both publisher and studio acquisitions. We’re always looking at opportunities."

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