Second open source HD movie set to arrive on May 15

  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) – So you hear about open source software all the time, but what about open source movies? There are few who actually know that the first open source movie, Elephants Dream, created by the Orange Open Movie Project, made its debut back in 2006. The group’s second open source movie is scheduled to be released next month.

    On May 15, the Blender Foundation is releasing its latest open source project. Known as Project Peach, Big Buck Bunny is coming to DVD (available for preorder). Big Buck Bunny or Project Peach will come in two DVD versions, one version containing the "best DVD quality widescreen format" (both NTSC and PAL are available), while the second will feature an HD version of the movie using a regular dual-layer DVD disc (.avi and .mov formats).

    Both Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny have been exclusively with open source tools such as the Blender 3D graphics software. Elephants Dream is still available for download in AVI (MPEG-4, AC3 5.1 surround) and MOV (H.264 / AAC Stereo) formats.

    Big Buck Bunny and Elephants Dream are published under the Creative Commons license. As a result, expect the DVD package to come with all .blend files, models, textures and other materials used in creation of the movie. The original script, the breakdown and storyboards are also included.

    We believe that the Blender Foundation’s pursuit of open source movie production deserves praise. Who knows, perhaps Hollywood will discover these projects as well and find that creativity is spurred by sponsor sandbox projects such as this one.

    Kudos to the Elephants Dream  and Big Buck Bunny production teams.