EA announces 20th anniversary Madden 09

  • Redwood City (CA) - EA announced today the details of its upcoming Madden NFL 09 game, which will mark the 20th anniversary for the Madden game series.

    Madden 09 will have new online functionality, deeper gameplay and for the first time, interaction with NFL Head Coach.  This will allow users to create and share fully customizable play books between the two titles.

    John Madden first teamed up with Electronic Arts in the 1980s for the first Madden NFL game in 1989.  The famed coach begrudgingly accepted the licensing arrangement back then and it has since made him a superstar, with the Madden franchise becoming one of the longest-running annual installment series in gaming history.

    As part of the 20th anniversary, EA will release a special collector's edition of Madden 09 with extra video features and the ability to play classic Madden games.  The anniversary set will cost around $90, and the title is set for an August release date.