Controversial benchmark maker announces arcade game

  • Candella Systems, known for their work on games such as Juiced and Stubbs the Zombie as well as the controversial Rydermark benchmark, announced PyroBlazer, a new arcade scheduled for a June release.

    The game puts players into the scenario of a 80s-style racing game in virtual environment set across different worlds. Good old power-ups and slowdowns are present on all tracks, resulting in a decent amount of fun and frustration. Candella says that the game will run on virtually any PC, regardless of its PC and GPU horsepower. It seems that the market for arcade games just might come back into the world of PCs. Ninja Reflex was announced just a few weeks ago.

    In order to bring PyroBlazer to life, Candella said it teamed up with Eipix Entertainment, a game development team located in Serbia. PyroBlazer is based on the Ultra Engine, Eipix' proprietary game engine, and once Nvidia (Ageia) PhysX middleware for realistic in-game physics effects.

    At first sight the game reminds us a bit of Ballistics, a 2001 title from Sweden-based developer Grin. The game is planned to be released via traditional retail channels, but Candella said it is also opportunities for a digital distribution.