EA sheds light on first expansion to Sim City Societies

  • Redwood City (CA) - Electronic Arts today unveiled Sim City Socities Destinations, the first add-on pack to the new Sim City PC game.

    The Destinations expansion will allow players to create their own vacation getaway to complement their existing virtual town.  Included will be new tools, including exclusive buildings and attractions that are common tourist hot spots.

    Theme parks, beaches, and hiking trails are all up for grabs in the add-on, packing in more than 100 new buildings.

    Sim City Societies launched late last year, the first "Sim" game since The Sims 2, bringing the first major update to the Sim City franchise in years.  Players can alter everything from their town's geographic makeup to their society's eco-friendliness.

    The Destinations expansion pack will be available this May for around $40.