VIDEO: Fable 2 demo highlights game's breadth, innovation

  • San Francisco (CA) - During a brief walkthrough of Fable 2's main features, there was more than enough to whet the appetite of fans from the first installment.

    GDC H.264 Video of Fable 2

    Perhaps the most noteworthy game discussed at today's Xbox 360 presentation was Fable 2.  The original Fable, which was one of the top-selling titles on the original Xbox, shook up the RPG genre by truly letting gamers mold their experience, as the character and story shifted dynamically to actions taken in the game.

    Fable 2 is poised to take that mentality to the next level.  The biggest announcement today is that it will have support for two-player cooperative play.  This will dynamically change the experience for both players.  

    When players enter someone else's game, they get to keep all items and experience earned in the alternate world.  Additionally, guest players can dramatically change the tone of the game and its story.  For example, you could enter someone else's game and kill his or her spouse and children, creating a permanent effect.

    Another new feature in Fable 2, which will be a first for the whole Xbox 360 platform, is integration with the Xbox Live Arcade.  A few weeks before Fable 2 hits stores, a Fable 2 "gambling" mini-game will be released on the XBLA platform.  In this game, players will be able to bet and win money in their Fable 2 game.  The mini-game will link directly to Fable 2, allowing money to be transferred back and forth seamlessly.

    At last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, we got some hands-on time with Fable 2 and were also intrigued by its control set-up, offering a unique "one button" combat system that works kind of like sending out Morse code messages.  It is already poised to be one of the most unique, epic titles of 2008.