Next Guitar Hero to exclusively feature Aerosmith

  • San Francisco (CA) - The latest title in the successful guitar-centric gaming franchise will feature an entire slate of tracks from Aerosmith, and it scheduled for surprisingly quick summer release.

    From hard-hitting songs like "Jaded" to pop culture staples such as "Dude Looks Like a Lady," Aerosmith has had more chart-toppers than any other American rock band.

    The game will feature around 30 songs spanning the band's 30+ year history, "from high school all the way through the rock superstardom of today," said RedOctane head Kai Huang in a Reuters interview.  RedOctane is the game's publisher.

    Aerosmith holds the record as the best-selling rock band in music history with sales totaling more than 66.5 million albums just in the US.

    Despite predictions that the next Guitar Hero wouldn't be out until this holiday season, for time to respond to success of rival game Rock Band, the Aerosmith title will be out this summer and is poised to come out on the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.