Super Smash Bros Brawl hits one million mark

  • Kyoto (Japan) - Super Smash Bros Brawl has sold a million copies in Japan, taking a record-worthy 11 days to hit that mark.

    The milestone cements Brawl as the fastest-selling Wii game to date in Japan.  Previously, the title to reach one million unit sales the quickest was Wii Fit, which broke the seven-figure mark in seven weeks.  Brawl did it in less than two.

    The game is already expected to be the most acclaimed Wii title of the year, and possibly even beating out other giants such as Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Play.  It is the first in the Super Smash Bros series to have cross-publisher partnerships to bring third-party characters into the action, and it is the first time gamers are able to take their fights online.

    Brawl is slated for a US release on March 9.