Competitive eating to make its debut in video game form

  • New York (NY) - Little-known video game publisher Mastiff has acquired the licensing rights to the Major League Eating organization, and is planning to release a virtual competitive eating game this summer.

    According to Mastiff the game will not take itself too seriously and will have a humorous tilt to the globally recognized sport of competitive eating.  For example, players will need to show "brilliant on-screen eating", and will have specific controls for belching, all the while trying to keep their stomach in check.

    "You can be a glutton and not get any of the calories.  It's the best of both worlds," noted Mastiff spokesperson Michael Meyers.  "We knew this sport would lend itself very well to an interactive format," said the MLE's George Shea.

    It is the first "sports" licensing deal for Mastiff, which has released a few notable titles including the PSP's Gurumin, a PS2 RPG called La Pucelle: Tactics, and a multi-platform release of the Dance Dance Revolution clone Pump It Up: Exceed.

    The game, tentatively titled Major League Eating: The Game, is scheduled for a release around July 4, in time to correspond with the MLE's biggest event, an independence day hot dog eating contest.