Digital download PS3 game Flow is heading to the PSP

  • Foster City (CA) - The unique, surreal game Flow is poised to make its debut on the PSP in the same way it was released on the Playstation 3 - via digital download.

    Flow was one of the first titles developed exclusively for the PS3's "Playstation Store", and has remained one of the most notable on the platform.

    Flow for the PSP is a direct port of the PS3 version.  However, the controls are completely altered because the original version relied nearly exclusively on the Playstation 3's "Sixaxis" controller motion-sensing capabilities.

    "Our focus was to ensure that the sights, sounds, and feel of the game met the highest of standards for the platform," said Super Villain Studios, which is heading the PSP transfer.

    A PSP-specific version of the Playstation Store launched late last year, allowing users to download images, videos and game demos.  Additionally, PS One classic games are available as well as a small selection of exclusive digital download PSP titles.

    The service is called the "Playstation Store for PC" because users need to connect their PSP to a PC (or PS3) to download the content.  Flow will be available on the Playstation Store for PC on March 6.