Activision confirms Guitar Hero, Call of Duty sequels

  • Santa Monica (CA) - Fresh on the heels of a record-breaking financial quarter, Activision announced it is working on three new installments in the popular Guitar Hero franchise and a sequel to Call of Duty 4.

    Activision reported its quarterly financial results yesterday, showing its highest profit ever and leapfrogging its way to setting a record-breaking fiscal year.

    Upon announcing its results, Activision noted it has three new Guitar Hero games in the pipeline, as well as a new multiplatform Call of Duty title that will branch out to the Wii and PS2 in addition to the other major consoles.

    Activision also said it will continue to dole out new song expansions for Guitar Hero III, the first game in the series that allows users to download new tracks over a broadband Internet connection.

    Finally, the software publisher announced more vehement support for the Wii and DS, claiming that the next 12 months will bring its "largest Nintendo slate ever."