Silver Playstation 3 heading to Japan

  • Tokyo (Japan) - While the rest of the world is still sticking with one official PS3 casing color, Japan is about to get its third with a "satin silver" design coming out there next month.

    The satin silver PS3 SKU will include a 40 GB hard drive and a silver Playstation 3 controller.  It is set for a Japanese release on March 6 for a price of 39,980 yen (around $370).

    Last year, the Japanese were also treated to a "ceramic white" version of the PS3 just in time for the holiday season.  That too is a 40 GB model.

    Additionally, Sony will launch its first "budget games" collection in Japan next month.  Ridge Racer 7, Resistance, and Folklore will be part of the PS3's flagship "The Best" titles, which will be the equivalent of the PS2's "Greatest Hits" campaign.