PSP with Burnout game burns child

  • Detroit (MI) - A 12-year-old boy was treated for second-degree burns after a PSP burnt a hole in his pocket, ironically with the game "Burnout" inside.

    Henry Clay was sitting in class when he felt a burning sensation on his leg and called for his teacher.  He soon realized that his PSP had actually caught fire in his pants pocket.  He was sent to the hospital and treated for second-degree burns.

    Early reports suggest the lithium ion battery exploded from overheating.  However, "it wasn't on. It was just in his pocket," said the boy's father Harold Clay.  Ironically, the game inside the device was a racing game from Electronic Arts called "Burnout Legends."

    Henry's mother, Sheila Clay, described what her son went through in an interview with local news in Detroit.  "He said it wasn't a gradual heat. It really started heating up. He's always been taught burn - fire - smoke, you drop and you roll. So, he dropped and rolled," said Sheila.

    It is not the first case of the device's battery exploding.  Sony has confirmed previous reports from other users with singed PSP units.  Sony is investigating this case.