Xbox 360 HD DVD player price drops to $130

  • Redmond (WA) - Effective immediately, the MSRP for the HD DVD add-on to Microsoft's Xbox 360 is now $129.99, and yes, it does still include the offer for five free HD DVD movies.

    When the 360 add-on was first released last year for around $200, it was far and away the least expensive HD DVD player on the market.  However, standalone player prices continued to fall aggressively and reach MSRPs as low as $150, while the Xbox peripheral just had one price cut down to $180.

    Today's price drop makes the add-on once again the least expensive player.  Especially notable is that it is also applicable for a mail-in rebate offer for five free HD DVDs.  The rebate entitles consumers to pick five titles from a select list, easily valued at over $130.

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