Saitek launches "Cyborg" gaming mouse

  • Bristol (UK) - Saitek, one of the few companies exclusively dedicated to PC gaming accessories, today announced the availability of its "Cyborg" mouse, which expands and retracts dynamically to the user's touch.

    The Cyborg Mouse is unique because its rear shell moves back and forth automatically to fit the shape and position of the user's hand.  It does this with a small built-in motor that can be toggled on and off.

    Additionally, the scroll wheel has three different "force" settings to change the feel of its use for games that use it, for example when scrolling through menus or weapon selection.  The sensitivity of the mouse movement itself can also be changed, from 400 to 3200 dpi.

    Like other Saitek products, it has programmable controls that can be altered and saved with the packaged software.  

    It is available now from for a retail price of around $80.