Parappa the Rapper creator to make encore on Wii

  • Edison (NJ) - The rhythm game pioneer and creator of the cel-shaded hip hop artist is making a comeback, this time on the Wii, according to the game's official announcement from Majesco.

    A new rhythm title for the Wii was confirmed last year when it was announced that Masaya Matsuura was working on an unnamed project for the Nintendo console.  Matsuura is best known for his Parappa the Rapper game series, which first appeared on the original Playstation about a decade ago.

    New York artist Rodney Alan Greenblat, who teamed up with Matsuura back then, will also join the team for the new Wii game.  It is titled Major Minor's Majestic March, appropriately focused on marching band music.

    The Wii Remote will be used as a baton while gamers play through eight locations.  The aim is to create a band with up to 15 different instruments to play through over 25 different songs.

    Major Minor's Majestic March will be released during this year's holiday season.