A close-up with the 21st century KITT

  • As the new Knight Rider is hitting TV screens, Edmunds.com got a chance to get some details about the new KITT car. In contrast to the original 80s series, KITT is not based on a Trans Am anymore, but rather on the looks of a Shelby GT500KR, a souped up version of the current Ford Mustang. In fact, the cars used in the series are simple Mustang GTs, some of them slightly modified, according to Edmunds.

    Viewers will see essentially two different designs of KITT- the first version differs very little form a Shelby GT500KR, but there’s an “Attack” mode (yup, you guessed it, it’s activated by the push of a button), which transforms the Shelby look-alike into a futuristic design-mix with double wings.