HD DVD buys Super Bowl ad

  • Cupertino (CA) - During next week's Super Bowl, viewers will be treated to an HD DVD commercial, but won't see any mention of the competing Blu-ray format.

    The ad will feature Toshiba's three lowest-priced players, the HD-A3, A30, and A35, and is the biggest advertising move for any high-def disc medium to date, reports Home Media Magazine.

    According to industry reports, the 30-second TV spot is expected to run Toshiba nearly $3 million.  It is a crucial move that Toshiba hopes will bring consumers to HD DVD instead of Blu-ray, which has a significant early lead in the format war.

    "It has always been our strategy to reach HDTV owners, using advertising on football is just one vehicle," said Toshiba to Home Media.  Within the last part of 2007, an estimated two million people bought an HDTV specifically because of the Super Bowl.  A 30-second advertising slot during the game this year is estimated to cost $2.7 million.

    The Blu-ray Disc Association will not be represented during the huge sporting event because it was not able to create an ad in time, according to the magazine.  BDA spokesperson Andy Parsons put down the move by saying, "Running a Super Bowl ad is not likely to convince consumers that HD DVD will win the format war."