British High Court prevents Manhunt 2 from UK release

  • London (England) - The British High Court has ruled against the Video Appeals Committee's decision of releasing Manhunt 2, yet again preventing the game from hitting UK store shelves.

    Last year, the British Board of Film Classification deemed that Manhunt 2 was too vile to go on sale, and prohibited it from receiving an age rating.  

    That means that no retailer would stock it.  However, publisher Rockstar appealed this decision to the Video Appeals Committee, and won.  The VAC said the game was fit for public viewing.

    However, the country's High Court this week overturned the VAC's decision and blocked the game yet again, according to local news source The Metro.  Justice Mitting said the VAC committed a "clear error of law" by undermining the BBFC's original decision.

    Manhunt 2 was also originally "banned" in the US after the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) stamped it with an "Adults Only" rating, again essentially preventing it from being stocked in retail stores.  Rockstar toned it down a bit and was able to get a revised "Mature" rating.