Wii injuries make headlines

  • Redmond (WA) - A rash of injuries from the Nintendo Wii have been recently reported, citing osteopathic doctors who claim that middle-aged parents are at the highest risk.

    "We noticed we were getting a number of middle-aged parents coming in having played for far too long on the Nintendo Wii that they had bought their children," said British osteopath Martin Davies in a Telegraph news story.

    He said Wii Sports, the game packed in with every console, was the most "dangerous."  Specifically, Davies noted most of the cases are from over-strenuous bouts of the tennis and boxing mini-games.

    "The older patients in particular are finding their neck, shoulders and elbows are painful and some said they had been playing Wii for up to 10 hours," said Davies.

    Also on the physical fitness front, the Wii has been making headlines for providing users with real workout regimens.  A title devoted specifically to that function, Wii Fit, launched in Japan last month and has since sold over a million copies.  It is scheduled to come out in the US later this year.