Hot Shots Golf 5 gets release date, new name for US

  • Santa Monica (CA) - The latest installment in Sony's highly popular golf game franchise, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, has finally been confirmed for the North American market.

    Hot Shots Golf 5 came out in Japan last summer but Sony remained quiet about when it would make a stateside release.  For the first time in the series, a new shot mechanism will be introduced, although the classic control scheme will also be selectable.

    The game also packs in several new characters and an overhauled online mode.  Users will be able to log into a virtual club house, and walk around with a customized avatar to find other players to challenge to a match.

    Hot Shots Golf will be the first Playstation-exclusive franchise that has been around since the PSOne to make the jump to the PS3.

    An associate producer on the project Chris Hinojosa-Miranda wrote on the official Playstation Blog that it will be available in the US in March.

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