BBC says it will still support both high-def formats

  • London (England) - In a time where every HD DVD supporter seems to be expected to comment on recent events, BBC Home Video has said it will continue to release titles on both formats.

    A BBC spokesperson said that it is not ready to make a call on the high-def war, and "will evaluate the marketplace before committing to one format," in an interview with online portal TV Shows On DVD.

    A few days before this big CES show in Las Vegas, Warner Home Video announced it was dropping HD DVD support, creating mass chaos in the format war.  Since then, all HD DVD supporters have been questioned about their stance.  Even staunch format loyalist Universal was rumored to be changing sides to Blu-ray.  BBC is even more germane to this issue because it is distributed by Warner.  Other Warner subsidiaries New Line and HBO have followed the studio to Blu-ray exclusivity.

    BBC's major release, the Planet Earth box set, is one of the all-time top-selling HD DVD titles, and in its first few weeks of being available on both formats, the HD DVD version actually outsold its Blu-ray counterpart.