Independent developer XGen announces WiiWare plans

  • Edmonton (AB) - XGen Studios is one of the first to confirm it will create original game titles for Nintendo's digital download platform on the Wii.

    "We're taking advantage of the creative freedom afforded by WiiWare to bring fans a captivating co-op game, with great competitive elements and irresistibly charming art direction," said XGen president Skye Boyes.

    XGen specializes in low-cost Flash games that run on Internet browsers.  It will bring a handful of its online titles to the Nintendo platform, including 3D Logic, Chicken Jockey, and Interactive Buddy.

    Sony has offered original game downloads on the Playstation 3 since its debut, and Microsot has been in the game even longer with the Xbox Live Arcade.  The Wii also has downloadable games but they are currently limited to re-releases of legacy console titles.

    Thus, no digital downloads on the Wii support the console's motion sensing capabilities.  Last year, Nintendo announced it was opening up this distribution stream to developers and has said new titles will first be available later this year.

    XGen says the first download will be available as early as the first half of 2008, which would make it one of the flagship titles for the new service.