Stranglehold video game advertisement banned

  • London (England) - A watchdog group in the UK has prevented a violent ad from being shown on TV because it was "likely to be seen as encouraging and condoning violence."

    The Advertising Standards Authority will not allow the commercial to air because of its depiction of a shootout between four men.  Stranglehold is rated 18 in the UK, which is the country's version of the USA's "M" rating.

    "Because the issues raised by the ad could not be addressed with a timing restriction, we considered the only solution was to withdraw the ad from transmission completely," said the ASA.

    Picture Production Company said the ad did not actually show anyone being shot and that the violence was stylized and unrealistic, making it acceptable for public airwaves.

    The UK has more stringent guidelines than the US.  For example, Manhunt 2 had to be edited more in Europe before the regulatory agency there would allow it to be on store shelves.