EA's Spore will ship side-by-side on PC and Mac

  • San Francisco (CA) - Spore, the "universe in a box" game from The Sims creator Will Wright, has been confirmed for the Mac at this week's Macworld Expo.

    Spore was first announced a couple years ago, and is the first major project for Wright since his phenomenal success with the Sims franchise.  

    It allows players to create their own creatures, their own environments, and even their own planets.  The goal of the game is to successfully manage a universe through five phases of evolution.

    Last year, Electronic Arts announced a partnership with TransGaming to use the Cider Portability Engine as a way to more quickly port PC games to the Mac platform.  Since then, EA has released several titles on both formats simultaneously, getting rid of huge delays that previously plagued the Mac community.

    Spore has not been given an official release date but is expected to come out later this year.

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