Digital Playground drops HD DVD

  • Hollywood (CA) - HD DVD is losing support left and right, this time from the adult film studio Digital Playground.

    About a couple dozen titles were released on HD DVD from the studio, making it the leader in high-def adult entertainment.  The lucrative industry has been deemed one of the most important factors in determining the success of a new format.

    The fact that HD DVD had the adult film industry on its side was seen as a big plus for it, especially because Sony was purposefully not allowing any such titles to be printed on Blu-ray Discs.

    However, Sony had a change of heart, and allowed Digital Playground to start releasing its titles on BD last year.  Because of the dominant force Blu-ray has in the format war, the studio has chosen to drop HD DVD support entirely, reports German publication Heise.

    Digital Playground joins Warner Bros, New Line, and HBO as recent converts to Blu-ray exclusivity.  HD DVD is left with just Universal, a founding member of the format, and Paramount, which reportedly received huge monetary incentives to move away from Blu-ray.