PC games playable on Playstation 3

  • New York (NY) - Users with Linux installed on their PS3 can now stream any game from their PC to the gaming system.

    A service called Stream My Game makes this a reality.  It "networks the power of a main PC so it can be used to play high end games on other PCs, PS3s and Linux devices," according to the site's CEO Richard Faria.

    In other words, if you can play it on your PC, you can play it on your PS3.  This is true even for DirectX 10 titles, and it has been confirmed on video with the impressive hit Crysis.

    Although it is planned to eventually include broadband support, right now Stream My Game only works with a LAN connection.  Also, the free version of the service only outputs in 640 x 480 resolution.  Users can subscribe to a premium service for around $10 to get HD output.

    A video tutorital has been posted on Youtube.

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