Dragon's Lair to make a comeback on PSP

  • New York (NY) - Largely unknown developer United Coders has announced it will begin work on a PSP remake of the arcade classic Dragon's Lair, set to come out late this year.

    Dragon's Lair first came out in 1983 and was seen as a technological marvel for its time.  It was the first laserdisc-based video game to include full integrated animation.

    The game revolves around a knight who must travel through dangerous turf to find and save the princess.  The original arcade version was very confusing in terms of control, leaving players to blindly guess what buttons to push.

    While that version will be in the PSP title for old-time's sake, there will also be a new version that follows a more linear experience.  It will be called the Director's Cut mode.

    United Coders is still looking for a publisher to release the game, but says the game will be finished in December 2008.  It will begin development next month.