Nintendo DS game downloads to be powered by Wii

  • Redmond (WA) - In the future, users will be able to download entire Nintendo DS games by accessing them on the Wii and then connecting wirelessly with the handheld device, according to Nintendo of America's president.

    "To aggressively drive DS business we need to provide other forms of entertainment to excite the consumer," said NoA pres Reginald Fils-Aime in a New York Times article.

    Fils-Aime told the paper that tighter integration between the two gaming devices is in the works.  He said users will eventually have the ability to download DS content on the Wii and then transfer to the DS.  The DS itself does not have the ability to do this because it has limited Internet connectivity.

    Sony's rival PSP (Playstation Portable), on the other hand, has a complete Internet browser built-in to allow users to download content directly from the device.  Users can also download special PSP content from their PC and transfer it to the handheld system.

    Though it was one of the big talking points of the Wii a couple years ago, integration between the Wii and DS has been significantly lacking.  Only one major title, Pokemon Battle Revolution, allows users to link their DS to the Wii.