Parents buy Playstation 3, end up with phone book

  • Thousand Oaks (CA) - The Burns family has learned a valuable lesson about buying a video game system from the EB Games in Thousand Oaks - make sure the box actually includes the system instead of a local phone book.

    13-year-old Brandon Burns should have been stoked when he opened up his Playstation 3 on Christmas morning.  Instead, the entire family was left with an unusual surprise.  The sealed PS3 box had nothing inside except a phone book.

    Brandon's parents purchased the $500+ system at a local EB Games store.  "I think someone working at the store decided they wanted a Playstation," said Brandon's mom.

    Brandon, however, found humor in the ordeal.  "I was more laughing than disappointed," he said in a local news interview.

    The store said today that the issue has been resolved, but would not give any details beyond that.

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