84-year-old woman wins Wii bowling tournament

  • Washington (DC) - Nancy Davies, an 84-year-old woman living in a retirement community, defeated a real-life bowling champion in a Wii Sports tournament in the nation's capital.

    Davies played Hal Winters, 79, in the final match at the Riderwood Retirement Community.  While Winters has been playing bowling for most of his life, and won a bowling tournament earlier this year, Davies was able to defeat him with just one year of Wii practice.

    The DC area retirement center received a few Wii units in March, and spokesperson Daniel Dunne said it instantly became a hit.  It also hosts hockey and shooting tournaments.

    Davies' final score was 202, edging out Winters' 182.  She used to work in a bowling alley, and has watched her grandsons play the Wii game, but she said she just "got lucky".

    The Wii has made headlines for its ability to appeal to the senior citizen crowd, as well as other groups that have traditionally been considered non-gamers, including the middle-aged and women of all demographics.

    According to the Associated Press, the American Association of Retired People (AARP) said its most popular attraction at its annual meeting in Boston was a booth showing off the Wii.

    Meanwhile, even some die hard gamers are still trying to get their hands on one.  The Wii has been a consistent sell-out ever since its debut in November 2006.  It became the first video game console to be completely sold out for two Christmas holiday seasons in a row.