DivX, Blu-ray 1.1 capability added to Playstation 3

  • Tokyo (Japan) – Sony has released the firmware v2.10a update for the Playstation 3, which improves the video feature set of the game console. The PSP also received an update and can now stream Internet radio content.

    The firmware update has become available to Playstation 3 users today and introduces support for what Sony calls a “much-requested” video playback format today. DivX and WMV (VC-1) videos can now played through the PS3’s XMB. Also included in this update is the Blu-ray Profile 1.1, which adds HD picture-in-picture capability.

    Sony said that the 2.10a update also comes with a voice changer feature, enabling gamers to change the tone of your voice during voice or video chat.

    There aren’t many BD 1.1 movies on the market today – the first commercial video was released on December 10 in Germany (“Neues vom Wixxer”). Home users interested in creating BD 1.1 videos can take advantage of the PiP capability through packages such as Corel’s WinDVD.

    At this time, the DivX playback capability of the PS3 does not include “full” DivX certification, which means that the game console has not undergone “rigorous testing program” of DivX. However, DivX said that the PS3 is expected to receive a DivX qualification “in the future”.

    In the meantime, the Playstation Portable’s firmware was update to version 3.80, which now includes Internet Radio support. Sony says that PSP owners can now access “thousands of stations” via a Wi-Fi Internet connection.