Parappa the Rapper team to bring music game to Wii

  • Bristol (UK) - The musician/artist pair who first introduced the world to Parappa the Rapper are now working on a new game designed exclusively for the Wii.

    Japanese musician and game designer Masaya Matsuura has teamed up once again with unconventional New York artist Rodney Alan to work on the project.  The title will be published by Majesco Entertainment.

    Majesco made the announcement this week, but did not release any details including the name.  The company did say, however, that it will bring "engaging gameplay and a distinctive art style to the Wii".  This will be the first time Matsuura and Alan have worked on a video game set for a Wii release.

    "Matsuura-san and I share similar artistic perspectives so I welcomed the opportunity to re-team with him and NanaOn-Sha to produce a one-of-a-kind music game designed from the ground up for the Wii system," said Alan.